Fun Father’s Day cards: 10 ways to say ‘I Love You Dad’

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Text by Sarita Rajiv, images courtesy Etsy

There’s got to be more than one way to tell your dad you love him, right? I’m talking Father’s Day cards that don’t conform to the boring stereotype. How does Father’s Day cards that are cheeky and funny plus sweet and sentimental sound to you? Here’s my round-up of 10 fun Father’s Day cards I discovered on Etsy. 

Handmade Father’s Day cards on Etsy

via Mudsplash Studios

handmade fathers day cards that are funny

Via Kayleigh Cartoons

these handmade fathers day cards on etsy are hilarious!
Via RhubarbPaperCo

funny father's day cards for dads

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cards for father's day

 Via Shelby Nickel Designs

dog cards, etsy cards for dog owners

Via All Her Glory

cheeky father's day card

Via Old English Co.

best cat dad card for cat owners

Via Jamie Shelman

cool fathers day cards


super dad greeting card

Via Lily and Val


Fancy making something for your dad? Try this DIY Father's Day Gift: A painted cufflink box.

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14/06/2015 at 01:06

Thanks for featuring my Dapper Dad card :)


The orange gift bag

17/06/2015 at 18:38

My pleasure Anita. It fits just right in this collection of fab and funny father's day cards:-)