Printable Valentine's Day Cards: 3 non-mushy ways to say I ♥ you

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Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

Mushy. Cheesy. Over the top. These were the first  few words that came to her mind when I asked a friend what she thought of Valentine's Day. Not-so-complimentary ha: whatever happened to love and romance? Looks like love and romance got buried under the avalanche of overtly mushy and corny stuff we see these days; Valentine's Day just so happens to be one of those holidays that's been commercially milked for all its worth. 

 So what's gal to do? How do you say 'I ♥ you' to your valentine without being cloyingly saccharine about it? How do you show your love without doing what everyone else seems to be doing? Here's how. You do it differently. These fun Valentine's Day cards will do the trick, I promise.

funny valentines day cards for boyfriends

Download the free printable for these Valentine's Day cards here. Just print the cards out on card paper if you have a colour printer at home (I printed mine on photo paper to get that glossy effect). Or else, you can get these printed at a photo printing shop too...they're not too expensive.

free printable valentines day cards for her

Did you like these non-mushy ways to say 'I ♥ you'? If you live in Denmark, you might want to check this. out too: 5 Scandi ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in Denmark 

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