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I recently had the opportunity to create a fun craft project for kids when Lora Jakobsen of Mini CPH  gave me the opportunity to do a guest post for her blog. I thought of creating something different from the normal gift wrapping ideas. You know how most gift wrapping tends to be flat and one dimensional? I’m taking it two steps ahead to create a 3D gift wrap that kids will love. Kids get invited to birthday parties all year long and it’s always nice to have something new to try out, isn’t it? Plus it’s a good indoor project for the kids. So let’s get started. 

Try these 3D paper crafts  and create a 3D gift wrap for kids

Here’s what you’ll need for your 3D gift wrap:

- A sheet of plain wrapping paper in a colour of your choice. I chose a vibrant turquoise sheet.
- A small sheet of black paper
- Crayons in the shape of cars and animals. I got mine at a Tiger store (I love the stuff you get there!).
- A thin paint brush and white paint
- Sketch pens, scissors and some glue.

Let’s get zooming with something little boys will like first. This one is fairly simple. Start by wrapping your gift in the coloured sheet. It works best with things like toy boxes or books that have a flat, smooth surface. Next, take a strip of black paper and glue it on to one side of the gift. Take white paint in a brush (you can also use a white paint pen) and paint strokes like you see on a road.

paper craft ideas - learn how to make a 3D gift wrap for kids

Next take a car shaped crayon and glue it on the black road.

paper crafts for kids - this 3D gift wrap is a fun project

Add in your personal message and your 3D gift wrap is ready. Yes, it’s that simple:-)

Little boys will love this 3D car gift wrap

The second one is a little more elaborate and perfect for kids who like to draw. The first step is the same – cover your gift in a coloured wrapping paper (plain, without any design or print).

want fun craft ideas for kids? try this simple 3D gift wrap

Next, using sketch pens, draw some grass, a couple of tree branches, some flowers…kids can use their fantastic imagination to create a jungle scene. Glue the animal shaped crayons to the gift. Add a couple of balloons and write out messages like ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Hugs & Kisses’ and you’re done.

Here's a creative gift wrapping idea that could be a fun paper craft for kids

The best part of this 3D craft is that the crayons can be reused by kids after they’ve unwrapped their gift. 


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