5 cute advent calendars

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By Sarita Rajiv

Are Advent calendars a Christmas tradition in your home? The gifting nerd that I am, I think Advent calendars, or pakkekalender/  julekalender as they’re called in Denmark, are such a cute and fun way to help the countdown until Christmas.

I had always assumed Advent begins on December 1st, but it actually begins on the Sunday closest to November 30th. With just a few days to go until Advent kicks in, I’ve put together a list of 5 sweet Advent calendars from Ferm Living, H&M Home and Present Time among others. Some of these are heavily discounted right now, so hurry!

1. Brown box Advent calendar

A set with 24 brown boxes for you to fill in with tiny, little somethings for your partner or kids.

Cost: 65 kr         Buy it here

fun ideas for an advent calendar


2.Christmas Tree Advent  calendar

Try this boxed Christmas tree version with small drawers from Present Time.

Cost: 69 kr     Buy it here

5 cute advent calendars from Denmark


3. Brown paper gift bag calendar

 If you prefer gifts bags to boxes for your advent calendar, try these numbered brown paper bags instead. As you probably know from my previous post, I love brown paper gift wraps!

Cost: 99 kr         Buy it here

DIY advent calendar using paper bags

4. Fabric Advent calendar

I love this Advent calendar in cream and black cotton fabric from Ferm Living. It’s something you can use year after year. 

Cost: 316 kr                  Buy it here

pakkekalender or julekalender fra Ferm Living

5. Cotton canvas Advent calendar
Similar to the one above, is H &M Home’s advent calendar in cotton canvas. It’s available in off-white and red. Love the ‘Dear Santa, Please deliver here’ bit. 

Cost: 30 kr (red), 149 kr (off white)             Buy it here

julekalender fra H&M home

I love this idea of an Advent calendar by Tara of Between You & Me. Instead of filling up the calendar with small treats and gifts for her kids, she  chose 25 acts of random kindness for her family to do. 

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I love the brown paper boxes, they are so cute! These are fun :-)