Pet lover gifts: 5 fantastic books for dog and cat lovers

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Text by Sarita Rajiv; images courtesy Amazon Affiliates

This one’s for all the lovely pet owners, the dog and cat lovers, out there. Books are my all-time favourite gift and when they turn out to be both whacky and profound, I know I’ve got a winner on my hands. If I had a cat or a dog, I’d love to get one of these books as gifts. Only, that’s not entirely true; I’d absolutely love to get one of these right now!

Go on, take a peek; you’ll be grinning like a Cheshire cat soon enough. 

Harlow & Sage (and Indiana): A True Story About Best FriendsIf you’re a dog lover and you’re on Instagram, you probably already know Harlow and Sage. This book is a true story of life, love, loss and friendship between three dogs. Check out the Harlow and Sage Instagram account and you'll get a sneak peak of what to expect in this book.

This book on Harlow and Sage will touch every dog lovers heart. Give it as gift to the dog lovers in your life.

Dogs Who Smile: The Happiest Hounds AroundDogs Who Smile is filled with ludicrously funny photos of some really happy hounds. It’s going to be hard to resist the beaming Border Collies, cheerful Chihuahuas, delighted Dachshunds and laughing Labradors in this one.

Dog lovers won't be able to resist these happy hounds.

I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats: Quirky, insightful and funny, I Could Pee on This by Francesco Marciuliano captures the essence of a cat with poems like ‘Who Is That on Your Lap?’, ‘This Is My Chair’, ‘Kneel Before Me’ and ‘Nudge’. But the one that’s piqued my interest is called ‘Some of My Best Friends Are Dogs’; that would be a fun read!

Poems by cats; need I say more? This one's a perfect gift for cat loversfunny cat pictures and poems: perfect gift for the cat lovers in your life

Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe (and Other Heartwarming Letters from Doggie)Written by writer and comedian, Jeremy Greenberg, Sorry I Pooped in Your Shoe, is a hilarious collection of photos and letters of apologies and suggestions from dogs to the people who love them. Here’s a sampler: Dear pack leader, Even though I’m a puppy, I know my manners. If someone’s kind enough to pour a glass of the red stuff, you should drink it. Normally German shepherds aren’t into red drink, but I know humans have it all the time, so it would be rude for me to not at least taste it.

This dog book is hilarious! It's a perfect gift for dog lovers

Stink Outside the Box: Life Advice from KittyAnother book on similar lines by Jeremy Greenberg is Stink Outside the Box. Only this time, cats hog all the limelight. You'll find them handing out sage advice like: “Just because life can be disappointing, doesn’t mean you have to be disappointed” and “Brown nosing will always make you seem fake”.

A laugh out aloud book for cat lovers. Perfect gift for cat people.


All these books are available on Amazon; most of them even have Kindle versions. Just click the links and they’ll lead you to the right page. Happy gifting!

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Anne @ Unique Gifter

27/11/2014 at 14:31

Pets are so crazy! I found the "I could pee on this" calendar a bit ago and my friend desperately wants it for Christmas. The "Sorry I pooped in your shoe" book looks hilarious.


The orange gift bag

30/11/2014 at 17:28

Hope your friend gets lucky this Christmas! I do not have pets but these books sound fun even to me.