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Text and images by Charlotte Mehder Scholte

We've got a new story in our Present Perfect series today and it's a gift we haven't featured before! Charlotte Mehder Scholte, from Copenhagen, Denmark is an aesthetic and believes in combining her love for aesthetics with a sustainable way of life. So it doesn't come as a surprise that the best gift she's ever received is not just meaningful but aesthetically beautiful too. Charlotte blogs at The Re:lab where she shares her journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. 

The best present ever? That’s tough question to answer and my search for the right answer took me on a fun journey down memory lane. Slowly, I recalled several fantastic presents I’ve received over the last, nearly 37 years. After a few days of thinking, I came to the conclusion that my best present is actually a gift I gave myself – a string and bow knot tattoo around my wrist. But this gift I gave myself is more than just a tattoo.

I had wanted a tattoo for years, but I was waiting to find something unique and meaningful – a symbol of sorts to make me happy or remind me of something nice. And it was important for me to wait until the right idea occurred. And all of sudden, one day it did. I was browsing Facebook and a friend of a friend had posted a photo of her new tattoo. There it was; the tattoo I wanted! 

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The tattoo design I chose is stunning in its simplicity, yet elegantly meaningful. My tattoo is a thin line around my wrist with a little bowknot. The bowknot is symbolic of a reminder for something.  In the old days, people in Denmark would tie a red string / red bowknot around their finger if they needed to remember something they had to do. For me, the bowknot tattoo reminds me to take care of myself - to be good to myself, to avoid living a life too stressful.  Whenever I look at it, it brings to mind that I need to be okay not just for myself, but also for my husband and son. And it reminds me to take a break from the hectic schedule of my everyday life to do yoga, to take walks, to worry less. I like that this symbol will be with me forever and on top of that, I think it’s very beautiful. 

Beautiful and meaningful; what’s not to like! That’s why it’s my best present ever. "

Your story is a wonderful reminder to many of us to be good to ourselves, Charlotte. We are so busy playing the roles of mother, wife, daughter, working professional that too often, we forget to take care of ourselves, to cherish ourselves, to be good to ourselves. Thanks for sharing your gifting story!


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24/11/2014 at 11:44

I chanced upon your blog when I was looking for tattoo ideas. I love Charlotte's bowknot tatto. It's so simple and I love what it means to her.


The orange gift bag

24/11/2014 at 11:47

Thanks for commenting Cassie. Good luck with your tattoo search...hope you find something just as beautiful and meaningful.