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Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

I’m attending my first blogging conference this weekend (The Hive European Blogging Conference, so excited!) and that’s inspired me to share my top three blogger gift ideas. Having gone through a steep learning curve in the past two years, I know what it feels to be a newbie blogger and how overwhelming blogging can be at times. But there are some things that can help newbie bloggers make the transition from blogging as a hobby to blogging professionally.

So if you have friends or family members who are newbie bloggers, these blogger gift ideas can be a fantastic way to encourage, support and inspire them in their blogging journey.

Tickets to a blogging conference: Blogging is typically a solitary activity, however blogging conferences give bloggers the opportunity to meet other bloggers. In addition to networking, blogging conferences also offer several workshops on blog design, SEO, photography and media kits – topics that can be overwhelming for newbie bloggers. But blogging conferences can be an expensive proposition, especially if it involves travelling to another city or country, which is why most newbie bloggers shy away from attending them. That’s why tickets to a blogging conference are one of my top blogger gift ideas. Figure out which are the best blogging conferences in your area and gift the bloggers in your life with tickets to them. They are bound to be thrilled. 

Visiting cards: Creatively designed visiting cards are number two on my list of top blogger gift ideas. I’m hoping to network with several fellow bloggers at The Hive this weekend and the one thing I’m carrying is lots of visiting cards. Blogging conferences typically have hundreds of attendees and a good visiting card can help a newbie blogger stand out from the crowd not to mention help bloggers reconnect with each other after the conference is over. Visiting cards are also essential if bloggers are meeting prospective advertisers and brands for their blogs; they portray a professional image. Take a look at online sites like Vistaprint and Moo that help you design professional and creative visiting cards. 

blogger gift ideas for newbie bloggers

Photography workshop: Number three on my list of top blogger gift ideas for newbie bloggers is a photography workshop. When I first started blogging, I marvelled at the beautiful images I saw on other blogs. What I noticed that the most successful blogs didn’t just have great content, they had amazing images too. Through much trial and error (read hundreds of so-so images, reading countless articles on photography online) and with help from my husband, I figured out the basics of taking good photographs. But you know what would have really helped? A quick course in photography…it would have saved so much time and heartburn! Most photography workshops tend to be one day affairs; all you need to do is to find workshops on the basics of photography in your area and make a gift out of it. 

Hope you enjoyed these blogger gift ideas; meanwhile I'm off to experience my first blogging conference. 

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Vizag Gift Shop

20/07/2014 at 04:36

I Like photographic workshop gift Ideas.


19/05/2014 at 19:52

These certainly are perfect gifts for bloggers! it was so great to meet you at The hive :) Niki


The orange gift bag

19/05/2014 at 21:27

Thanks Nikki, glad to hear you like these ideas! Was lovely meeting you at The Hive too. Hope to stay in touch.