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By Sarita Rajiv

Living in Denmark, my access to children's books in English is kind of limited. With the exception of a couple of book shops that specialize in English books, most Danish book stores in my city, Copenhagen, have a limited collection of children's story books in English. So I tend to order books online. But I’ve been on the look-out for wordless picture books and that’s how I chanced upon Lille Kvast in a book shop in Copenhagen. I got it for my daughter and it's pops up often in my daughter's choice for bedtime stories. 

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Fun adventures and new friendships, that's the theme of this endearing childrens’ picture book. It calls for equal parts of imagination, interpretation and narration that come together in a rollicking story session. I think it would be lovely gift for kids in the 4-7 age group. 

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Lille Kvast in Danish is based on the original French book called Petit Poilu (Hairy Little Thing!). The Petit Poilu childrens’ book series by Pierre Bailly and Celine Fraipont are endearing picture books. The illustrations are fun and colourful and my daughter loved it. Since it’s a wordless picture book, the element of language is redundant. And the comic book format is a winner.

wordless picture books help small children use their imagination and creativity

The one I picked out was Lille Kvast - Ballade in Blomsterhaven. It’s about a cute, furry little bug and his adventure in a flower garden. It’s also about friendships and resolving difference amicably. 

Petit Poilu is a comic book series for small children who don't know to read yet

The Lille Kvast wordless picture books call on children to use their imagination, to interpret expressions and situations and stich them together in the form of a tale. It’s especially perfect for children who haven’t begun reading by themselves yet but devour stories. When my daughter narrates the story, you can see her facial expression change with each emotion the characters are going through and it's so much fun to watch that.

wordlesspicture books can be fun gift idea for children

You can buy this book on Amazon here. Here are some of the other books in the Petit Poilu series:


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Anne @ Unique Gifter

31/08/2015 at 15:14

Cute! That is such a great solution to a lack of books in the language you want. You could make up a story for it in any language you speak!


The orange gift bag

01/09/2015 at 10:45

Exactly! Not to mention all the additional sound effects. My daughter makes some hilarious sounds as part of her story:-)


31/08/2015 at 15:01

GReat books Sarita. It can be a great gift. thanks for explanation 😊😊😊


The orange gift bag

01/09/2015 at 10:46

Thanks Azadeh. It's a good gift for kids birthday parties:-)