Christmas craft ideas: Gift wrap kids can make

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Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

We’re India for three weeks visiting family and friends (yay! after two long years). My 5 year old has been so excited about this trip, wanting to help with everything. She’s helped with the packing, choosing gifts and even wrapping some of the presents we got for her cousins. I just love the age she’s at. She’s so generous with her love and help, it’s awesome. Her enthusiasm is contagious and it’s fantastic to have a little helper who’s showering me with hugs and kisses and bursting with helpfulness.

And so today’s Christmas craft cum gift wrap is for all those little helpers you have in your homes. 5 minutes and 10 little fingers, that’s all it takes for this Christmas craft cum gift wrap. It’s shiny, it’s glittery, and you probably have all the material you need right in your home. You’ll need some plain wrapping paper, glue and the shiny pieces of leaves that kids use in their crafts.

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Start by wrapping your gift. Kids can then draw an outline of a Christmas tree and fill it with glue.

Here's an easy Christmas craft idea for kids...they will love it.

Place the leaves on the glue and within the tree outline. We used two different shades of leaves. Add in a stem and it’s done. 

This shiny Christmas tree gift wrap is a perfect Christmas craft for little kids

Kids can create just about any shape they like. Flowers, butterflies, fairies, dragons…there’s a world of fantasy just waiting to be explored. 


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