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Text by Sarita Rajiv; images courtesy Amazon

We celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday last week. Apart from the thrill of turning five, she was naturally excited about the gifts she got. Her best friend got her a princess costume and she was so thrilled…a little girl can never have too many princess costumes!

I’m a fan of costumes as gifts for kids and with Halloween around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better. I’ve been marvelling at all the DIY Halloween costumes that several bloggers have shared. But let’s be honest, not all of us have that kind of skill or perhaps enough time. So I’ve put together a set of cool Halloween costumes you can buy straight off Amazon. Just click the images and it will lead you to the right page.

Infant Elephant Costume: I almost wish my daughter was a baby again…just to dress her up in this adorable Elephant Costume for Halloween. Or maybe this Infant Dragon Costume?




I can see that this Infant Viking Costume would be popular in Denmark.




Supergirl Costume: If your little girl is bored being a princess (please tell me little girls do get over their obsession with all things princess), maybe it’s time for Supergirl to take over. This Sweet Raccoon Costume is cool too…rather different from the run-of-the mill costumes.  










As for boys, Ninja Turtle Costumes seem to be quite popular with the boys at my daughter’s school. If your little boy thinks dinosaur costumes are passé, this Fire Breathing Dragon might just do the trick. Or ,maybe little boys would quite enjoy being a cop for a day with this Cop Costume for Halloween. 











Or how about a giant leap into space with this Astronaut Costume? And this Shark Costume would be a good change from from Spiderman and Batman don’t you think? 





Do your kids have a favourite costume for Halloween that they want to wear over and over each year?

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