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By Sarita Rajiv

My daughter has been invited to the birthday celebrations of four classmates this month. I don't know about you, but it's hard for me to find good gifts for kids when I don't know them too well.

I usually stick to books or creative DIY stuff. I avoid buying toys because it's hard to figure out what the kids already have or what they like. Plus, kids these days seem to have so many toys already!

But what if you could give kids a gift that's fun and promotes sustainability? That's precisely the concept behind Ludoteket, a toy library in Østerbro, Copenhagen. Being able to play with several new toys and games...I can see a lot of kids being thrilled with that kind of gift! And you don't have to worry about the toys taking up too much space or the kids getting bored of them quickly.

sharing economy, community and sustainability are the philosophy behind Iben Vestergård and Adem Fajkovic's Ludoteket. In an interview with Østerbro Avis, Iben says, 

"We need to think more sustainable in our approach to resources. Østerbro is on the right track with its green mindset. We think it's the turn of families with kids to have a sustainable option when it comes to toys." 

How Ludoteket's toy library works

You start with a monthly subscription of 100 dkk. You get to choose up to 15 toys, games and music instruments for an unlimited time. Exchange these for something else when your kids are done playing with them. You're free to stop the subscription any time you want. There's an initial deposit of 550 dkk which is refunded when you stop your subscription. 

They've got  animal masks, board games, puppets, puzzles and soft toys among other things. There's something for all kids between 0-8 years.

Catch Ludoteket's pop-up shop on June 4 and June 18 at Krudttønden on Serridslevej. You get a chance to meet Iben and Adem and play a few games too. 



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