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Posted On March 06, 2014 / Posted In Little People / Tagged kids gifts, creative gift ideas

Images and text by Sarita Rajiv

We just celebrated Fastelavn (Nordic Halloween) here in Denmark and my four year old daughter was thrilled to be dressed up as a princess (again!). This time, there was a slight difference. Thanks to a traditional Indian dress she received as a gift from India, she got to be an Indian princess. That’s when I thought what a fun gift costumes can be for kids. 

If you’re looking for some interesting gift ideas for kids, how about trying a Halloween or a Fancy Dress Costume? Kids love costumes! That's why they make such fun kids gifts. And while Halloween isn’t celebrated in several countries, they do have fancy dress events and contests, making it a useful gift. This is bound to be a hit with the kids and much appreciated by their parents. No more last-minute hassles to find costumes for the next Halloween, Fancy Dress competition or Fastelavn. Costumes can also be reused by different kids in the family. 

Popular Halloween costumes

When it comes to little girls, you can’t really go wrong with a princess costume or fairy costume. As a variation of the fairy costume, you could try a butterfly costume. Like girls, there are 2-3 costumes for little boys that are fail-proof. Go with any of the ‘mans’ –Spiderman, Superman or Batman and you’ll have made a little boy very happy.  


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