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Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

Does it happen to you? You log onto to Pinterest thinking you’ll pin a few images and get back to your ‘to-do’ list and, the next thing you know you’re sucked into the whirlpool, of gorgeous gorgeous stuff, that is Pinterest? I just spent an hour on Pinterest drooling over images of sumptuous Thanksgiving recipes and beautiful Thanksgiving table settings.

thanksgiving greetings and free printables for 2014

While I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving myself, I do like the concept of giving thanks for a good harvest and the year that went by with family and friends. And so in the spirit of saying thanks, I’ve created some free Thanksgiving printables. I love this simple and direct way of showing your gratitude to someone and wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving. I found the words in this article on 22 ways to say thank you. Check it out, it has some cool ideas. 

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Here’s how you can print the cards:

Download this free Thanksgiving printables file and print out the cards on card paper. I picked white but you can choose any colour of your choice. Only the blue card needs to be cut out. The rest can be printed, folded in half and viola your Thanksgiving cards are ready. There’s one that even goes with your Thanksgiving table setting. 

try these free printables for thanksgiving this year

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