How to wrap a gift bunting style

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Of late, I've been thinking of how to gift wrap using simple material we have in our homes. I’ve been experimenting with some creative gift wrapping ideas and I'm happy to share  a DIY gift wrapping idea that’s super simple and fun. The inspiration for this idea is the party bunting we hang up in birthday parties. I call it the bunting gift wrap and it's perfect for all celebratory occasions. 

All you need is a sheet of plain white paper, sheets or coloured card paper or sketch pens, scissors and some glue.

how to wrap a gift using plain paper

First cut out small triangles from the card paper in two different but complimentary colours. Alternatively you can cut out small triangles of white paper and colour them using sketch pens.. You can also use decorative tape or Washi tape to include prints and patterns along with the solid colours.

How to gift wrap using card paper

Wrap your gift in plain white paper. Draw a slighted curved line on the front and stick the triangles on them to form a party bunting. Add in your personal message and your bunting gift wrap is ready. That's how easy this creative gift wrapping idea is. Hope you'll try it too.

creative gift wrapping

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