5 fabulous presents for book lovers

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Text by Sarita Rajiv, images courtesy Amazon, Not On The High Street,  and Redbubble

"I used to be in the company of books.  Now, in my spare time, I tweet. Got to get back to my old flame."

That (ironically) is one of my recent tweets.  It pretty much sums up the state of affairs in my life. Thanks to my smart phone, it’s become oh-so-easy to spend all my spare time on Twitter. Sure, I read a lot through tweets – news, blogs, movie reviews, articles and columns. But I don’t read the one thing that I love reading — books. I don’t get transported to another world and, the magic is missing. And, the only books I’ve read recently happen to be children’s books for my four-year old. So, I’ve been making a list. A list of all the books I want to read and will buy soon.  This is my early birthday gift to myself — books that will bring back a little magic, a little wonder, back into my life.

Meanwhile, if the book lovers in your life already have every book they want or you’re not entirely sure what kind of books to give as a presents, there are always other literary presents. Here’s my pick of 5 fabulous presents for book lovers.

Book lover present # 1: Fairy tale book ends

These Once Upon A Time book ends by Heather Alstead Design on Not On The High Street are just the right thing to grace those packed book shelves and busy book corners.

book ends make perfect presents for book lovers

Book lover present # 2:Literary themed T-shirts

There’s nothing like proclaiming your love on your person is there? This literary themed T-shirt by Queen Hare on Redbubble would make a perfect present for book nerds while this one by Curious Fashion on Redbubble is perfect for those book lovers who are Sherlock Holmes fans. 

Literary themed presents for book lovers

This Literary themed T-shirt is a perfect present for book lovers


Book lover present # 3: Oscar Wilde pocket mirror

This Oscar Wilde Pocket Mirror by Literary Emporium on Not On The High Street has an inspiring quote on celebrating individuality.

Gift this Oscar Wilde pocket mirror to a book lover

Book lover present # 4: The Storymatic Classic

If the book lovers you know also have a penchant for creating stories of their own, the Storymatic Classic is the perfect present for them. It’s a game where you make up your own stories, where you let your imagination soar. It's available in the Toys &Games section on Amazon. 

Book lovers can create their own stories with the Storymatic

Book lover present # 5: Animal book marks

What do book lovers really need…bookmarks! Even all those Kindle users love going back to the hardbound or paperback books every once in a while. That’s where these adorable bookmarks by Hipster Spinster on Not On The High Street will come in handy.  

Bookmarks are very useful presents for book lovers

So, the next time you’re wondering what presents you should get the book lovers in your life, try one of the 5 fabulous presents above.

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