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Text by Sarita Rajiv, images courtesy Cat vs Human

I'f I was a cat lover, I'd be hissing right now. Or probably trying to claw the authors of this insane article: how to have cats without being a cat lady. It isn’t just the headline that had me nodding my head in disbelief; it was some of the advice that followed. Sample this: stop at two; anyone who owns more than two cats is surpassing the title of “pet owner” and entering into the “pet collector” zone!

On the same day that I read this article, I also chanced upon a comic book that's more purr inducing. It's perfect for those who embrace being cat lovers. And if you know any cat lovers, it would make an apt and fun gift for them. Written by Yasmine Surovec, Cat vs Human offers a hilarious and witty take on cats and humans living together. Yasmine has a blog by the same name where she shares her fun comic strips. This one on ‘sleeping with cats’ had me in splits; in fact I think I'd like a butt warmer myself.

an apt gift for cat lover and cat people

Yasmine’s cat comics remind me of this quote:“You can keep a dog; but it is the cat who keeps people, because cats find humans useful domestic animals.” - George Mikes from How To Be Decadent

It’s not just adult cat lovers who can enjoy Yasmine’s cartoons. She has a children’s picture book that would make an excellent gift for little cat lovers as well. In ‘I See Kitty’, little Chloe wants a cat so much that sees kittens everywhere she goes.

If you're a cat lover, you'll love these gifts. They are perfect for cat people and cat ladies

You can buy the books on Amazon through these links: I See Kitty , Cat Versus Human , Cat vs Human: Another Dose of Catnip

While I’m kind of partial to the cat books as gifts for cat lovers, you can also choose from a range of other cat gifts like mugs, totes and T-shirts that Yasmine sells through her store.

cat lovers, cat people and cat ladies will love these cat gifts.

So if one of your friends or family members is a proud cat lover, cat lady or cat gent, Cat vs Human could be just the right gift for them!

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