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Posted On October 30, 2014 / Posted In Made by hand / Tagged glassybaby, handmade candle holders, made in Seattle

Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

Last weekend, we turned the clock back an hour in Denmark. Which means it now gets dark at 4.45 in the evening!  So, I’ve wholeheartedly adopted the Danish custom of lighting candles all over our apartment in autumn and winter (did you know Danes are among the biggest consumers of candles?). And I’ve got Happiness to keep me company.  

No, I’m not talking about the hyped, stereotypical all-pervading emotion associated with Denmark. I’m just talking about my glassybaby. I had never heard of the glassybaby until my friend, Jan, gave me this gorgeous votive candle holder, handmade in Seattle. She thought it made perfect sense to gift the one called Happiness to me. And I love it! 

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So much so, that I checked the glassybaby website to find out more. And guess what it’s not just Happiness they have; they’ve got Hugs, Hope and Heart too.  Each glassybaby is handblown and no two hues are alike. Here's a snapshot of glassybaby candle votive holders from their online shop; aren’t they gorgeous?

christmas gifts made in the USA, glassybaby candles

I fell in love with Blue Eyes, True Love and Skinny Dip. What's your favourite?


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Anne @ Unique Gifter

30/10/2014 at 14:23

I love all of those stunning colours! I had no idea that Danes consumed the most candles, how fun. I loooove burning candles. Our time change is this weekend or next, I can't remember, and we're all already dreading the super-early darkness. It will be dark when we get to work and when we leave, as soon as the time changes :-(


The orange gift bag

30/10/2014 at 23:27

I know, I love the colours. And oh, the names...I'm a sucker for lovely words:-) I know what you mean about early can get pretty depressing. Though I have to admit, it's worse in January. Right now, in the run up to Christmas, all the decorations, lights and festive atmosphere keep me going.