Wrapping gifts for refugee children

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Posted On September 28, 2015 / Posted In / Tagged wrapping gifts for refugee children

By Sarita Rajiv

Last week, I gift wrapped a huge pile of gifts. This wasn't me helping Santa get organised for Christmas. It was something better. It was the kind of good stuff that I hope to be able to do more of. Last Thursday, I spent a few hours at the collection centre for refugees, in Solbakken, wrapping as many gifts as I could for refugee children.   

The collection centre is managed by Help Us Help The Refugees, a group of kind-hearted people in Denmark that are collecting clothes, food and toys for refugees living in asylum centres in Denmark. And they needed help to wrap to wrap gifts for Eid, birthdays and Christmas.

Donating things is just one of the way to help refugees

It was heartening to see the amount of children's items people had donated. There were books, cars, dolls, games, Lego sets, puzzles, soft toys...most of it in very good condition. Goes to show Denmark has a big heart! Wrapping gifts has never felt better. 

If you live in and around Copenhagen and would like to help, check out the Help Us Help The Refugees Facebook page. They still have several toys that need to be wrapped up, not to mention clothes to be sorted and packed and, packages to be delivered to various places. 

P.S: Apologies for the not-so-great quality images. I took these on my phone

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Sarita Rajiv is a writer, gifting specialist and founder of The Orange Gift Bag. She’s on a mission to uncover the ‘best gifts after love’. When she isn’t dreaming up unique gift ideas, she writes for The Copenhagen Post and The National Geographic Traveller India among others.

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29/09/2015 at 10:25

Well done, Sari! Applause for the rest of the Help Us Help The Refugees group. Deeds like this and people like you make us feel there is hope, always.


The orange gift bag

29/09/2015 at 11:42

It's kind of you to say that. This was but a tiny drop in the ocean of what others here are doing to help refugees. I was just happy to contribute in my own way.


28/09/2015 at 16:24

Awe! That is so, so heartening to see. I am so glad to hear that this is happening in Denmark and that you were able to participate.


The orange gift bag

28/09/2015 at 19:07

Absolutely Anne. Danes are pretty big into volunteering. But it's been so wonderful to see so many working at a grass roots level to help refugees.