Handmade Ramadan & Eid cards

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Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

With just a few more days to go before Ramadan ends, it's the perfect time to rustle up some Eid greeting cards. Thanks to my friend, Jan (read about her favourite gift here),  I had just the right material to create these simple but elegant Eid cards. She gave me a set of Martha Stewart silk screens and adhesive stencils which were perfect for these cards.

Eid cards and gifts

Here's what you need to create your set of Eid greeting cards:

- Card paper in colours of your choice
- Wooden block prints, silk screens or stencils of your choice. Traditional eastern motifs work very well.
- Acrylic colours
- Paint brush or sponge

First choose the stencil of your choice.

trdaitional motifs for making eid cards

Position it on your card leaving enough space to write out your Eid messages. Slowly dab in the colour into the stencil. If you're using a silk screen, like me, make sure to remove the screen while the paint is wet. The screen tends to stick to the painted area when the paint dries up.

make your own Eid cards and greetings

Add in your personal Eid greeting or Eid message. I used 'Ramadan Kareem' and 'Eid Mubarak' for two of my cards. For the third card, I used my calligraphy pen to write a beautiful Arabic verse that means, "Glory be to Allah, all praise be to Allah. Allah is great."

DIY idea for handmade Eidd cards

handmade Eid cards & greetings

So that’s three different ways to wish friends and family celebrating a Happy Eid with handmade Eid cards.


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