Holi inspiration: A vibrant gift wrapping idea

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Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

We have trudged our way into March. But the weather’s still quite cold, gloomy and grey in Denmark, barring the odd splash of sunshine every now and then.  Meanwhile, back home in India it’s definitely getting warmer and people are getting ready for their annual splash of colour. It’s Holi, the spring festival of colour, in a couple of days.  As a child, I loved celebrating Holi with my friends; it was the perfect excuse to soak ourselves in water and be splashed with different colour hues from head to toe (taking the colour off was another thing altogether!). 

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In keeping with my Holi mood, I feel like sharing something colourful with you today. And so I’m dipping into my earlier posts. While I had created this gift wrapping idea for Diwali earlier, it seems apt for the gorgeous, vibrant colours of Holi too. What can I say, we Indians love colour!

Creative gift wrapping ideas by The Orange Gift Bag

Try it out. It will add a special dash of colour to your gift, I promise. You can find the tutorial here

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Anne - Unique Gifter

04/03/2015 at 16:56

LOVE this, it's so bright and happy and fun... aka a perfect change from the dull outside here.