Homemade Christmas gifts: Painted coaster set

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Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

Have you started about thinking about Christmas gifts yet? I have, but then I’m thinking of gifts all year around; one of the hazards of being a gift blogger! Even so, there’s something special about Christmas gifting. The anticipation, the fun and the excitement of making and buying gifts this time of the year is something else entirely. The shops are buzzing with excitement, the Christmas decorations are getting readied and that contagious festive fervour is gaining momentum.

And so in the lead up to Christmas, I’m going share some ideas for a few homemade Christmas gifts. Today’s homemade Christmas gift is a super simple, doable handmade gift idea that you can gift your friends or the lovely women in your family.  

this painted coaster set is a simple homemade christmas gift

Here’s what you’ll need:
- A set of cork coasters: I got these fun, leaf shaped cork coasters from Tiger
- Acrylic paints and paint brushes
- Acrylic varnish
- Scotch tape

Using the scotch tape design a pattern for your coaster. The untaped area is where the paint is applied. Like this. 

Want homemade Christmas gifts? Try this idea for a handmade and painted coaster set.

Paint the untaped areas. Make sure your paint is thick and isn’t too runny or watery. Once the paint dries off, spray the varnish over it to seal in the colours. Allow the varnish to dry off completely. 

homemade christmas gifts and handmade gift ideas for all

Voila your homemade Christmas gift is ready!

homemade gifts and presents for her

It’s so simple that just about anybody can do this. And it transforms an ordinary looking coaster into something fun and vibrant. Play around with different patterns and colours to create a signature design of your own.

homemade christmas gifts and presents for girlfriends

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19/11/2014 at 10:32

Great idea. Easy and practical


The orange gift bag

19/11/2014 at 21:55

Thanks Rossella!


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The orange gift bag

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Anne @ Unique Gifter

18/11/2014 at 20:28

You are so crafty! I love the teal blue colour on those coasters.


The orange gift bag

18/11/2014 at 21:41

Thanks Anne! The blue is pretty vibrant:-)