Eco-friendly and wallet friendly ways to gift wrap

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Posted On February 26, 2014 / Posted In Wrap it Up / Tagged infographic examples, gifting infographic, creative gift wrapping ideas

Did you know Americans spend about $ 2.6 billion dollars on gift wrapping each year? Can you imagine how big the figure would be if we added the numbers from the rest of the world? I discovered this bit of information through a superb gift wrapping infographic created by Waste Wise Products Inc, which illustrates some interesting facts about the gift wrapping industry in the United States.

This gift wrapping infographic also shows how you can weave in the magic of gift wrapping by reusing and recycling what you have at home. Maps, old calendars, music sheets, pillow cases, scarves...check it out; you'll be surprised to find the things that could be used for gift wrapping. Not only would it be a eco-friendlier way to gift wrap, it could also save you a fair bit of money. 

Eco & Wallet Friendly Alternatives to Giftwrap


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