Lego gift guide: 10 incredible Lego sets for adults

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Text by Sarita Rajiv; images courtesy Amazon Associates

You’re probably wondering why there haven't been any posts the past couple of weeks. Well, things have been bit crazy out here. In addition to my freelance work creating social media content for a company in Copenhagen, I’ve been prepping for my PD3 exams as well. What’s PD3 you ask? Well it’s the Danish language exams you take when you’ve completed all your Danish classes. I’m rather pleased with the progress I’m making…I can now have a decent conversation in Danish! 

Speaking of Denmark, I realized something the other day. I’ve been living in Lego country for three years now and I haven’t blogged about Lego…ever. That’s about to change. Today’s post is all Lego awesomeness…for adults. Here’s my pick of five impressive Lego sets that would make perfect gifts for AFOLs (adult fans of Lego) who love Lego’s blend of imagine, build and play.  
1. Lego Eiffel Tower 

Lego architecture series for adults

I’m starting off with one of the simpler, reasonably priced Lego sets from the Lego Architecture series featuring the iconic Eiffel Tower. The Lego Eiffel Tower is a perfect gift for those interested in design and architecture and makes for a good display piece at work and home.   

2. Lego Tower Bridge 

Lego gift sets products for adults

If I've got the Eiffel Tower, can the Legogo London Tower Bridge be far behind? This British landmark comes with the paired towers and a drawbridge that opens and closes. Also thrown in are four miniature vehicles - a black London taxi, a yellow truck, green automobile and the traditional red double-decker bus. With 4,295 pieces, the completed model measures an impressive 102 cm in length and 45 cm in height.  

3. Lego Star Wars R2D2 

Lego's Star Wars games are perfect gifts for adult Lego lovers

There’s something about robots that makes them so much fun. The Lego Star Wars R2D2 droid is probably the most loved one ever. It's part of Lego's ultimate collector series and has fab features like a retractable third leg, front panels that open to show a computer interface arm and a circular saw, rotating head and 2 fold-out front spacecraft linkage control arms.  

4. Lego Star Wars AT-AT 

Lego products and games for Star Wars lovers

Star Wars fans are in for another treat with the Lego Star Wars AT-AT. It doesn't’t get cooler than this All Terrain Armored Transport from the Star Wars trilogy. It comes with five mini figures, loaded shooters and a switch operated trap door.

5. Lego Kingdoms Chess Set 

Know someone who loves Lego and likes playing chess? The Lego Kingdoms Chess Set is just the gift for them because you don’t just build the Lego chess set, you also play chess on it. How fun is that? The set comes with 28 mini figures with assorted weapons and accessories.  

6. Lego Exclusive Technic Grand Prix Racer  

The Lego club is for lovers of Lego products and games

At 2 feet in length, this racer is no puny car. The Lego Grand Prix Racer's got an opening engine cover, independent all-wheel suspension, V8 engine with moving pistons, adjustable rear spoiler and realistic steering. Things get more exciting if you decide to add the Lego motor as well.  

7. Lego Mini Cooper 

Check the Lego store for these incredible Lego sets

If regular cars are more your style, try the Lego Creator Mini Cooper. This green and white beauty can stand its own against the real Mini Cooper. I think this one’s my favourite in this list.   

8. Lego The Lord of the Rings Battle of Helm’s Deep 

Buy Lego games and products at the Lego store.

Now that we’ve done Star Wars, it’s time to delight fans of the Lord of the Rings. Aragorn, Berserker Uruk-hai, Gimli and Théoden will be no strangers to them as they recreate the Battle of Helm’s Deep and fight to climb the tower and blow the Horn of Helm Hammerhand. 

9. Lego Creator Pet Shop

Lego Creator Pet Shop

Things getting too nerdy for you with the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings? The Lego Creator Pet Shop might just be what you prefer. Don’t let the cute looking cats, dogs and fish fool you. This 2,032 piece, 3-storey building and townhouse is one serious affair with minute internal and external detailing. 

10. Lego Creator Taj Mahal 

Lego Taj Mahal for architects an builders

I'm ending this list with another iconic beauty, India's Taj Mahal. Lego doesn’t produce this set anymore, making it a collector’s item. After footballer, David Beckham mentioned trying his hand at it, sales of the Lego Taj Mahal skyrocketed 633 per cent in one day! You can still buy the Lego Creator Taj Mahal on Amazon if you’re willing to shell out the big bucks. With 5,922 pieces, this one is for experienced builders…the architects of the world. 

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01/06/2015 at 12:39

my kids love lego and i know a family who did the tOwer bridge set as a group project.


The orange gift bag

01/06/2015 at 18:28

These Lego sets would certainly be perfect for a group project...would work with older kids I think.