Can you make a wish come true?

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Posted On June 23, 2014 / Posted In Present Perfect / Tagged wish, wishes, best gift

Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

I just wished on an eyelash. Yes, I’m that kind of a person. Dandelions, shooting stars, loose eyelashes…these are all part of my everyday arsenal to make wishes come true. 

Sure there’s some intensive planning, goal setting and mind numbing hard work involved behind the scenes, but I figure we can all do with a bit of extra help in making our wishes come true, right? And because it’s just so hard to achieve our dreams and realize our wishes all by ourselves, sometimes the best gift we can give someone is to help make their wish come true. 

Like the Make-A-Wish Foundation did for 8 year old Gabriel Lavan-Ying recently. Gabriel has an incurable and debilitating disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that affects his connective tissues - the skin, joints and blood vessel walls. The Make-A-Wish Foundation flew Gabriel and his family from Florida to Northern California to fulfil a wish he shared with the foundation -- he wanted to be a park ranger at Yosemite National Park. 

He got to be just that, rescuing an injured hiker, putting out a real forest fire and riding in a fire truck and a helicopter. What’s more he was made an honorary park ranger by a federal judge in a ceremony attended by about 50 park rangers and 250 people! Can you imagine how happy and special Gabriel must have felt when his wish came true? It’s a day he’s probably going to remember for a long time coming.  

can you make a wish come true?

Has anyone helped make a wish come true for you? Someone who believed in you and your dreams more than you did? I have. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received is the belief and faith my uncle put in me. He encouraged me, supported me emotionally and financially to help me realize my wish of pursuing a creative career. He was my shooting star, my dandelion, my eyelash and birthday candle…all rolled in one. He gave me a gift that’s always going to be a part of my life.

If we look closely and listen carefully to the people in our lives, we’ll see their dreams reflected in their eyes.  Maybe there’s an aspiring photographer who could do with the gift of a photography course. Or perhaps a friend who wants to be a chef, how about a cooking course in a cuisine of choice? The possibilities are endless. So come on then, let’s make a wish come true. A small leap of faith can make a world of a difference. 


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