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Images and text by Sarita Rajiv

Just a week to go for Mother's Day; are you planning anything special for your mother this year? If you're not really inclined towards physical gifts, how about celebrating motherhood with feeling and emotions? Other than giving gifts, one of the best ways to celebrate motherhood is by sharing what you feel with your mother, and what better way to do it than with some lovely Mother's Day quotes and poems!

For new moms: You know that feeling when you want time to stand still; when sometimes you wish your child wasn't growing up so fast?  All the caring and supportive fathers out there, you might want to give this to your partners; this short and sweet mother's day poem is just right for new moms with babies.

short mothers day poems

For mothers with grown-up sons and daughters: So you're all grown up - you are a happy, confident, successful adult. Try these beautiful poems to say thanks to the person who's had a big role in making you who you are. 

moms will love this mothers day poem

say thank you to your mom with this mothers day poem

For grandmothers: Mother's Day just doesn't feel right without celebrating our grandmothers, does it? Try this special Mother's Day poem written specially for grandmothers. It's bound to be a hit. I love the line, "grandmothers are mothers who are grand"! Couldn't have said it better myself. 

this is a special mothers day poem for grandmothers

Do you have any special Mother's Day poems for the wonderful mothers in your life?


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