Gift guide for men: Personalised Fathers' Day gifts

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Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

Have you started thinking about Fathers' Day gifts yet? If you haven’t, don’t panic – Fathers' Day is on the third Sunday of June, so we have a fair bit of time to think up some awesome gifts for the fantastic fathers in our lives.

This year, I’ve had the opportunity to get personal with my Fathers' Day gifts. I love gifts that are personalised, so when Getting mailed me asking if I would like to try out their products, I was thrilled. They are so good with creating gifts that are customised just for you. 

This King of Biscuits tin is so cool! In addition to adding my husband’s name, I also included a message from my daughter. It says, “My father is the king of kings and I’m his princess.” Both father and daughter were mighty thrilled with it. I can bet the yummy chocolate chip cookies and shortbread fingers are going to be polished off well before Fathers' Day.

Personalised biscuit tin for fathers day

Between me and my husband, he is the one who is more musically inclined. He loves listening to music; that's why I loved the idea of gifting him this personalised Mix Tape MP3 Player with this message about how he makes our lives so musical! Besides, Rajiv's training for a marathon and he’s out running every day. That’s where comes the MP3 player comes in handy. It’s small enough to fit in pockets, phone holder arm bands or even in your hands. Rajiv’s loaded his playlist of favourite songs to listen to while running and, as you can imagine is getting increasingly happy about his early Fathers' Day gifts.  

Personalised fathers day gifts from Getting

This Personalised Canvas Holdall turned out to be my husband’s favourite. His has the initials R A on the bag. Rajiv’s planning to use it as his fitness bag when he’s out playing badminton and for his cross-fit training sessions at the fitness club. Men do like their gifts to have a utility value, don’t they?  

fathers day gifts from Getting Personal.Co.Uk

Thanks Getting Personal*, we love these gifts! Be sure to check out their huge selection of Fathers' Day gifts. They have so many good products. Like this Funky Veg Kit – it would be perfect for dads who garden, not to mention it’s the perfect time to plant some veggies.  

personalised fathers day gift ideas

Or this Intro to Glidingit would be my pick for fathers who like adventure sports. 

fathers day gift - intro to gliding

*Getting Personal currently ships only to the United Kingdom.

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