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Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

I got a lovely package in the mail today - a personalized, custom engraved wood cutting board - all the way from Canada. When Anton Honcharov, the founder of Straga Products (now doing a Kickstarter project!) got in touch with me a few days ago asking if I would like to do try out one of his custom engraved wood cutting boards, I said yes immediately. When you see his gorgeous cutting boards, you’ll know why; they’re personalized to perfection.

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I chose a mahogany board and requested the Italian phrase L'appetito vien mangiando (translates to ‘appetite comes from eating’) to be engraved on it. The cutting board by itself is sturdy but light and beautifully sanded with a lovely wood grain.  And I love the end result! My personalized custom engraved cutting board came with a small tin of board butter and gift wrapped. 

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Anton’s dream and his Kickstarter Project

Anton has been helping people around the world create happy memories with these personalized cutting boards -- they are perfect gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and housewarmings. With 52 different designs, 4 wood types and different sizes to choose from, his custom engraved cutting boards are pretty popular. He has some very happy customers in different countries around the world.

Anton of Straga Products and his Kickstarter Project

But Anton wants to take it one step further. He wants to give his customers the power and ability to create any kind of design they want. “No matter how many prefabricated designs we create, we can never match the brilliance and ingenuity of our customer’s imagination”, he says. 

That’s where his Kickstarter Project comes in. Through this project, Straga Products wants to raise enough money to create an online application/platform that will allow anyone, in any part of the world, create their own specially designed cutting board like I did. 

custom engraved cutting boards are a good personalized gift for weddings

If you would like to help Anton and his company Straga Products create something special, head over to his Kickstarter page and pledge whatever you can. If you have some anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or housewarmings coming up, it’s the perfect time because you get a custom engraved cutting board no matter what you pledge (minimum $30). You’ll be helping out a talented entrepreneur while creating a beautiful personalized gift for someone in your life.  



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