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Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

Copenhagen has this knack of swinging sweet surprises my way. Last week, I was walking down Købmagergade (a few minutes’ walk from Nørreport station) when I noticed a small group of adults and children crowded around tables writing away happily. The Post & Tele Museum was giving away these lovely Danish postcards that you could send to anyone, anywhere in the world for free! What a wonderful idea and sweet gesture, don’t you think?

The post cards were classically Danish with each post card having a different design. There was one with the Dannebrog (Danish flag), one with a bamse (Danish teddy bear) and another with a girl on a beach. The most unusual one was the Nordisk Køkken (Nordic kitchen) postcard; it had a drawing of the traditional Danish dish, Æbleflæsk, and the ingredients. My favourite though was the postcard with a heart peeping out of a little envelope.


A simple gift to my family, a postcard from Copenhagen

While I had a long list of family and friends outside Denmark that I would have like send postcards to, I couldn’t remember any of their complete addresses offhand (oh the bane of modern technology; I remember email ids better than actual addresses!). So I decided to send a couple of postcards to my daughter and husband instead. I wrote down a short message telling them how much I love them, how they are my happiness. In my excitement, I didn’t realise that The Post & Tel Museum was giving just one free post card to each person. But the lady managing the postcards at the Post & Tele Museum generously allowed me to send both since I had already written down the messages. 

Postcard from Post & Tele Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark

I loved the look of happy surprise when my daughter and husband received the postcards a couple of days later. They certainly weren’t expecting it. My daughter, who is four, was so thrilled with the postcards that she asked why I had sent just one and promptly asked me to send many more the next time around.

Send a postcard to your loved ones. They will love it.

Do you send postcards to friends and family…maybe when you travel? While I love writing letters, this is the first time I’ve sent postcards to anyone. Try it, I promise your friends and family will love it. Because sometimes the simplest gift you can give someone is to tell them you’re thinking of them…especially when they least expect it. And postcard from  is a lovely way to do it.

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05/11/2014 at 16:21

Muchos Gracias for your post.Really thank you!

Camilla Kyndesen

05/08/2014 at 18:33

I love receiving postcards! Have you tried the new postcard app from Postdanmark ( You just choose a photo on your phone and write the greeting, and it's turned into a physical postcard and sent for you! My boyfriend has sent a couple of photo postcards to his parents in Ecuador, and they love it :)


The orange gift bag

06/08/2014 at 11:53

I haven't tried it yet Camilla...thanks for the tip Camilla! What a fantastic how technology is making sending postcards more interesting and fun:-)