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By Sarita Rajiv

Three weeks...that's how long it's been since I last posted. And much has happened in the these weeks that I've been away. For starters, I got offered a job as a marketing communications manager at this cool start-up called Shipbeat. From doing freelance and working part-time to being in charge of building a brand, ground up, is a big (and kinda cool) change. And I'm super excited about this new phase!

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Another biggie that happened, is that my daughter turned six last week. From fab five to super six, already! Given her love for soft toys, we took her to the Build-a-Bear workshop in Copenhagen and boy was she thrilled. After 40 minutes of looking at mutiple dresses and shoes and little D still unndecided about her choice, my husband and I wanted to be done with it. Thankfully, the helpers at the store were super patient and helped her narrow down her choice and we walked home with a dressed-up Sara (that's what my daughter named her purple, doe-eyed bear) and her birth certificate.

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Given my my daughter's love for soft cuddlies, I decided to use some of her old soft toys in the gift wrap for her other gifts. I was inspired after trying out this Lego gift wrap a while ago. Though lil D has a big part of the animal kingdom in her soft toy collection, she's partial to cats and dogs. So that's what I used here as well. It's a  simple idea, but she was pleased to see her cuddly buddies join in her birthday celebrations. You can try this with just about any kind of soft toy or plastic animal your child plays with. 

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