To new beginnings

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Posted On June 30, 2015 / Posted In Believe it or not / Tagged inspirational quotes

By Sarita Rajiv

June’s been a month of action, of change for me.  Of endings and new beginnings. And as with most endings and new beginnings, I’m feeling a bit emotional right now. On one hand, I am thrilled to be done with my Danish language classes and clear my Danish certification exams (with a decent grade to boot!). Two years of hard work and persistence paid off. On the other, today was the last day for my daughter at her kindergarten. A day of saying goodbye to beautiful friends and awesome teachers from different parts of the world. A day of saying farewell to a safe, beautiful happy place that was her kindergarten in Copenhagen.

She will start school in August and will be 6 years in a few months! I feel like she’s suddenly growing up too quickly and I’m trying to catch those last few days of a carefree and innocent childhood. Why do good things have to end, why do things have to change? But then again, there’s definitely a few things I want to change in my life right now. And a life without change would be pretty darned monotonous and boring. So my mantra for July is ‘why not?’ A ‘why not?’ to every unknown, exciting, scary but fulfilling experience that lies ahead.  So here’s to new adventures, new discoveries and new journeys. Here’s to all the good stuff that lies ahead for you and me. 

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