New year resolutions and wander lust: Travel gifts part 1

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Posted On January 11, 2015 / Posted In Gift Guides , For Him , For Her / Tagged travel, vacations, wanderlust, luggage tags

Text and main image by Sarita Rajiv; products images courtesy Zazzle 

R.E.S.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.S. Strange things. We make them at the dawn of each year, break them (as is wont to happen) and then happily make new ones. Every single year. We humans are a predictable bunch, aren't we? And you know what else is predictable? If you look carefully, you'll find an underlying common thread running between all the resolutions we make. There is always one thing a good majority of us want to do. 

From what I've read on various blogs, Facebook updates and heard in personal conversations, 2015's common quotient is that people seemingly have been bitten by the travel bug! Just look around in your own life and I can bet you will find friends, family members, colleagues who've resolved to travel to their dream destinations or just travel more this year. And you know what they're gonna need? Travel accessories! With all the airports and train stations our friends and family are going to be in, I'm thinking some funky luggage tags and name tags are just what they may need.

Here's my pick from Zazzle*. And they can all be customised. Isn't that fab?

For someone who is a a true blue adventurer, this Epic Adventure tag might be just the thing.

Know someone bitten by the travel bug? These unky luggage tag might just be just the gift to buy.

Or perhaps a set of Mr & Mrs luggage tags for a married couple that's been hit by wanderlust?

Who says travel essentials have to be boring? Certainly not these funky luggage tags for couples

You know that moment when someone mistakes your luggage for his or hers? Won't happen again! Not with the Not Your Luggage tags.

Planning a vacation. This fun and funky luggage tag will make sure you never lose your luggage on your travels

And this Pretty Vacant funky luggage tag could be the right answer to the nosy co-passengers eyeing your luggage and pondering over its contents

Travel accessories and travel tips for your vacations


You know when pigs fly? This happens! This Flying Pig luggage tag is bound to make you smile.

When pigs fly. Add this fun luggage tag to your travel essentials and you're set.

Stay tuned for more. There's more fun travel accessories and travel essentials coming up in the next post. Till then, happy planning your travels this year.

*If you do shop on Zazzle via my links here, I'll get a small commission. I hope you do:-)


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Anne @ Unique Gifter

11/01/2015 at 23:53

Cute! I love the Not Your Bag one, it's hilarious.


The orange gift bag

12/01/2015 at 20:57

I know. I'm sure it's bound to make a lot of people smile when it spot it on the baggage carousel:-)


11/01/2015 at 20:35

How fun! I love bright and/or different luggage tags because it makes my bag much easier to spot on the conveyor belt. In a sea of black roll-ons, that flying pig tag will stand out!


The orange gift bag

12/01/2015 at 20:58

You bet!