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Posted On August 22, 2014 / Posted In Wrap it Up / Tagged gift wrapping, wrap it up, washi tape

Text and images by Sarita Rajiv

So what are you doing this weekend? This weekend, my plans include dropping my daughter off at a birthday party (kids sure get invited to a lot of birthdays these days!). It's the 5th birthday party of a classmate at her kindergarten. Time to try a fun giftwrapping idea! What better way to say 'Happy Birthday' than with a cake gift wrap?

You'll need paper in a colour of your choice, some washi tape and a pen. I used five strips of washi tape to make the layers for the cake and then  added five candles and a cake stand by pen. What do you think? 

washi tape gift wrap, DIY cake gift wrapping idea

If you're looking for some gift wrapping ideas for kids, you might like this 3D gift wrap. See you next week with some more creative gift and gift wrapping ideas. 

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23/09/2014 at 14:27

Wow, what a great idea! You could make a card the same way to go with it! Love it!


22/08/2014 at 15:26

I love this, so cute !!


The orange gift bag

22/08/2014 at 15:35