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Text by Sarita Rajiv; images courtesy Yolkies

I’ve got a spanking new gift shop lined up for you today. With a fun name like Yolkies, I just had to find out more about this store that specialises in gifting moments. I got talking to the founder, Melanie Chanman and she shared the thought and philosophy behind the Yolkies.

What exactly is a Yolkie?
A Yolkie is a beautifully designed real egg which reveals a secret note when the egg is cracked open.  Each egg is painted vibrantly and packaged in an elegant box with instructions to ‘Crack Me’.  

Yolkies - a fun gift to celebrate special occasions

When and why did you start the Yolkies?
I started Yolkies in May 2014. My vision is to help people celebrate the special moments in their lives in a fun and exciting way.  
How did the idea come about/what was the inspiration?
After years of receiving Facebook messages and traditional greeting cards, I was inspired to revolutionize how messages were sent. I want to create a fresh take on the standard greeting. I believe that taking the effort to give a thoughtful gift goes a long way in making an occasion special or even in creating a special moment.   

Celebrate special moments with Yolkies gift eggs

I love the  the name Yolkies! I’m curious to know how you came up with it.
Well, I wanted something cute and fun that reflects the gift inside out!  I think the world Yolkies does a fantastic job of capturing that unique feeling of excitement and anticipation one experiences while cracking open an egg with a hidden message inside.

these Yolkies gift eggs are the perfect way to celebrate new parents 

Why according to you makes a Yolkie a unique gift?
I would say the Yolkie has brought back the anticipation and surprise in celebratory messages.  It is a fun, vibrant and universal gift that can be given to colleagues, family and friends. We have a whole range of designs to choose from and you can even customise your own Yolkie. For instance the Beat Breast Cancer egg is about the gift of inspiration and focuses on the fight, not the fright related to breast cancer.  

It is also our goal to support breast cancer awareness and research.  We donate a portion of our proceeds from the Beat Breast Cancer eggs purchased to the Susan Komen Foundation.  These gift eggs offer encouraging messages to women undergoing breast cancer treatment or are breast cancer survivors.

Yolkies are designer gift eggs with hidden messages for special occasions and celebrations

Thanks for sharing the Yolkies story with us Melanie! I’m always excited to discover new and unique gifting concepts. And gifts that have the added element of anticipation are so much fun; that's what I love about these gift eggs with hidden messages. My favourite yolkies are the ‘You are a rock star’ and the ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ eggs.  What are yours?

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